Our work

Healthcare has become a luxury for rural communities and underprivileged populations in India. An estimated 25% of disadvantaged individuals are pushed below the poverty line due to high expenditure on healthcare. Tata Trusts supports Alamelu Charitable Foundation (ACF) to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to all sections of society. The Trusts has leveraged its extensive experience and knowledge in the health sector to pilot a universal healthcare model through ACF to provide innovative solutions to the challenges facing rural healthcare delivery.

Swastha Kutumbam telemedicine

Twenty tele-medicine health centres have been set up in targeted areas in India. Modeled on a hub-and-spoke model, the first-of-its-kind primary care centres will be connected virtually to a doctor’s hub. Connected through high-speed bandwidth patient-doctor can feel comfortable, while interacting with each other.

Equipped to offer point-of -care diagnostics and pharmacy services, the telemedicine centres will be supported by two mobile medical care units outfitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment. The mobile medical unit will screen and create virtual medical records of patients across target villages.

Inclusive Cancer Care Programme

Tata Trusts set up the Tata Memorial Hospital as ‘a beacon of hope for the hopeless’ in 1941 and has continued to undertake path-breaking initiatives in the field of cancer care. It has signed an MoU with the multiple state Government/ other bodies to provide comprehensive and affordable cancer care across the country. To facilitate this, new health care facilities are being set up, some of them include Homi Bhaba Cancer Hospital in Varanasi State Cancer Institute in Kurnool. Additionally, the Trusts, in collaboration with ACF, will set up a cancer hospital in Tirupati and identify Tertiary Cancer Care Centres to ensure that cancer care facilities are evenly distributed across the country.

Digital Nerve Centre

The Digital Nerve Centre (DiNC) is a technology platform aimed at improving health services delivery. A seamless network that comprises digital elements and physical interventions, DiNC connects patients and doctors via a centralised platform. Manned by medical experts who manage the patient’s treatment cycle, DiNC operates through a centralised call centre to enable seamless care coordination.

It screens for symptoms, facilitates doctor consultation, sends alerts for follow-ups and manages medical records of patients.

Non-Communicable Disease Screening

ACF and Tata Trusts have joined hands with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, under the Government of India, to address the rising incidence of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) in the country, The Ministry has launched a program for population level NCD screening and management in 165 districts across various states in India. ACF will support the initiative through program management and field monitoring for effective delivery of NCDs screening services. The use of this solution would help improve efficiency in deploying, monitoring and managing the NCD screening program in 165 districts across India covering over 20,000 Primary Health Centres (PHC), Community Health Centres (CHC) and sub-centres. The key goal of this programme is to screen at least 20 crore adults above 30 years of age for identified NCD’s and to link them to the appropriate higher levels of health care facilities for management of chronic non communicable disease.