The Foundation

Who we are

With a burgeoning population of 1.3 billion, India has seen a rapid increase in cancer incidence in recent years. With an estimated 1.4 million cases reported in 2015, the number of patients is expected to rise in future.

In India, cancer has been characterized by; lack of awareness, late detection, lack of access to proper cancer care and high treatment cost. Even with under-diagnosis and under-reporting of numbers, the cancer incidence is growing at about 9% with every passing decade. India is expected to have 3.4 million cancer patients in 2050.
The gaps in the current Cancer Care model in our country are conspicuous – from shortfall in human resources to lack of proper infrastructure, leading to overburdening of existing resources.

For instance, waiting list for cancer surgeries in government hospitals is long and runs into months. Patients often have to travel long distances to get access to care, thus increasing out-of-pocket costs for travel, stay and food. In addition, India has an early versus late cancer stage detection ratio of 30 to 70.

With a vision to transform Cancer Care in India, Tata Trusts in 2017 established, Tata Cancer Care Foundation (TCCF), a Section 8, Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The primary focus of TCCF is to implement the ambitious Cancer Care Initiative; ensuring affordable, high-quality healthcare to millions of Indians, closer to their homes. The purpose is driven by a set of values - Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Responsibility and Pioneering.

What we do

In partnership with various Governments & like-minded organisations the aim of Tata Cancer Care Foundation (TCCF) is to develop a network of healthcare facilities for treating the most common cancers close to people’s homes.

This network will be designed such that people will not have to travel long distances for comprehensive diagnostic and full-fledged treatment facilities.

The network will emphasise on awareness & health promotion, prevention, screening and early diagnosis; leading to timely treatment.

The facilities in the network will provide modern effective care with the best available technology in remote corners of India.

Through an innovative patient centric approach, cancer care in India will be amongst the best globally and help in addressing the growing public health concern of cancer.

The facilities will provide a cocoon of care not only to patients but also to caregivers through a holistic approach.

Research will be a focus area to promote a dynamic system which evolves with the changing epidemiology and needs of the people.


  • A patient-centric health care model that aims to provide access to affordable, uniform, high-quality care
  • Take healthcare closer to the patient’s home. Tiered delivery of cancer care to ensure availability of care at every level
  • Targeted training of human resources to develop skilled professionals
  • Leverage technology for remote healthcare access and seamless flow of information
  • Standardisation of care and processes to enable uniform patient experience
  • Affordable care for the underprivileged through insurance schemes and innovative purchase & financing mechanisms
  • Address grass root level issues to reduce cancer burden – awareness & planning, screening & early detection, palliative & after care


a comprehensive healthcare model

  • 14.5lakh

    new cancer cases

    reported each year

  • 70%

    cases reported at a very

    late stage of the disease

  • 40-50%

    High mortality rates

    among cancer patients