The Foundation

Who we are

Alamelu Charitable Foundation (ACF) was established by Tata Trusts to support the setup of a comprehensive healthcare network across India. ACF is a Section 8, not-for-profit entity formed to ensure affordable, accessible and high quality healthcare to millions of Indians, at their doorstep. ACF has joined hands with Tata Trusts to develop infrastructure, technology, awareness and human resources in the healthcare sector.

What we do

Alamelu Charitable Foundation – in furtherance of its charitable objects – will build, manage, run, fund and undertake other such actions as necessary to establish comprehensive model of healthcare across India. It will participate in a cooperative healthcare management network with data, infrastructure, technology and expertise transfer. ACF wishes to reduce the physical, mental and economic burden of citizens by ensuring rationalisation of care across its facilities. It wishes to augment existing infrastructure so that patients do not have to travel far for timely and quality treatment. ACF will focus on planning, procurement, construction, technology implementation, hospital operations and expansion of the network.


  • Education, training and human resource development in health care to tackle the rising need of cancer care
  • Health care research and enhancing awareness among people about health care and lifestyle changes to prevent illness
  • Direct, fund, support and facilitate health care research; manage cancer registries and tackle health care problems
  • Facilitate, develop, support and fund platforms that enable knowledge sharing and communication among health care centres across the country
  • Develop the proposed government facilities as world-class centres offering high-quality, affordable care
  • Facilitate network to work together and share health burden of the nation
  • Design and plan new facilities and upgrades for greatest benefit
  • Jointly design and implement state-wide health programmes that are low-cost, cost-effective and locally appropriate to improve patient outcomes


a comprehensive healthcare model

  • 14.5lakh

    new cancer cases

    reported each year

  • 70%

    cases reported at a very

    late stage of the disease

  • 40-50%

    High mortality rates

    among cancer patients